Our Church History

Established in 1866

Turkey Creek Missionary Baptist Church was established in 1866 after emancipation. The newly freed people gathered together to worship on a hill near Turkey Creek and later prayer meetings were held in private homes. Members gathered resources to build their first church building made of logs daubed with mud, used pine torches for lighting and a fireplace for warmth. The creek was used for baptisms.

A frame structure was soon built and in 1923, members dedicated a larger and better church building. This building was severely damaged by weather and had to demolished, leaving the congregation homeless.

Shortly afterward, the pastor died, leaving the congregation with no building in which to worship and no pastor to lead the congregation. Members’ faith and dedication never wavered and several other church buildings were constructed and enlarged as the membership grew. The current church was dedicated in 2003. Turkey Creek Missionary Baptist Church celebrated its 150th anniversary in November 2016.